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In the internal gateway Service providers can subscribe to published apis created by the gateway admin/publishers.

Internal gateway consists of 2 types of approval work flows namely Internal Gateway Type 1 and Internal Gateway Type 2.

Both types involve the following approval work flows.

  1. Application approval work flow
  2. Subscription approval work flow

Internal gateway Type 1 differs from Type 2 , based on the subscription approval work flow.

Type 1 : Subscription should be approved by the following parties in the given sequence.

    • Gateway Admin
    • An API Publisher user from the API Publisher group

Type 2 : Subscription should only be approved by the following party.

    •  An API Publisher user from the API Publisher group

Approval work flow common configurations

Carbon Server Configurations

  1. Open <CARBON_HOME>/bin/ and change the deployment type parameter depending on the workflow type to be enabled and save.
              Internal gateway Type 1 :

                           -DDEPLOYMENT_TYPE=internal_gateway_type1 \
              Internal gateway Type 2 :                      

                          -DDEPLOYMENT_TYPE=internal_gateway_type2 \

  2.  Restart the server.

Activiti Engine configurations

  1. Once the server is started navigate to https://localhost:9443/activiti-explorer/ and load the Activity explorer.
  2. Login to the activiti explorer.
    Note: The activit engine contains 3 user accounts as kermit, gonzo and fozzie (password of each account is the same as its username). It is mandatory to disable or change the default password in the production environment.
  3. Navigate to Manage > deployments >upload new and upload the following files  located at '<CARBON_HOME>/repository/resources/workflow/

User and User Role Creation

  1. Role names should reflect the business unit. Therefore create a publisher user role with the user name in the following format using the instructions here.
             eg : hub-unitA-publisher
    Specify only the 'creator' and 'publisher' permission for the role.
  2. Follow the instructions here and
            Create users by the following names
            Assign the following roles to all above created users  
                        Above created publisher role
    Note: manage-app-admin role exists on the server by default, and it is required for the API publisher user to be able to log in to https://localhost:9443/manage application, to approve work flow tasks.
    A publishing user MUST HAVE ONE of the roles (ONLY ONE ROLE) created in Step 1.
  3. Load https://localhost:9443/store and Sign up a new subscriber user with the user name subscriber1.
  4. Update the user profile of all 4 users with valid email addresses.




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